Monday, 18 February 2013

So Much traffic today :o)

I would like to start this post with a Big Thank you to Clare of My Creative Spirit, she has so kindly put some of my doodleing onto her blog and invited all you kind crafters to come on over to my blog and have a look ... I was bowled over by the amount of people that have done just that... Thank you One and all, it has made my day to see how many of you have taken the time to come over.
I find it amazing that we are all strangers but one comon thing links us all and that is the world of crafting, whatever medium any of us choose to use we share the joy of creating things, I am so thrilled to have made new Freinds within the community it gives me such a boost .... Also that fellow crafters have asked my opinion on certain things, I smile because what do I know ? Then I thought about it, we all learn from each other, and if we find an easy way of doing something or a way of putting something together then we share and help others ... AINT CRAFTING GREAT !!!! I love it ... 
Thank you Aj my other half, The Male Card Maker, for getting me involved and encouraging me to set up a blog and find my own way ..... Love him to bits :o)


  1. your doodles are too good not to share. Hugs C x

  2. I'm glad others are taking a look at your "doodles", they are very good!

  3. thank you for sharing your art!

  4. Love your doodles and now you`ve got me Zen doodling like mad, you are so right, it IS addictive, hugs Sara x

  5. You deserve to be show cased your work is supb and different from the usual, which is exciting. Innovative ideas become addictive and I feel you are starting a new ball rolling. Yep crafting is great and so are the people!!
    Carol x


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