Monday, 25 February 2013

Finished Zendoodle

Well here it the finished doodle, I hope you like it, also I reversed it to make it look like a photo negetive, will be interested in what you guys think to my latest doodle :o).



  1. I love your Zentangle and my favorite it the second one with the red markings... it looks amazing and I am sure it is much better in real life .. photos never do things the justice they deserve xx

  2. Stunning.....jusy stunning!!! This is a truly remarkable piece of artwork and needs to be in a frame and sold for a high price. The bird is quite fantastical with its gorgeous plummage and feathering. I am simply lost for words.May I ask what size this is at it puts, Ifear my little 4x4 doodles to shame! and how long did it take you altogether. You must have such patience. Thank you so much for sharing this...I am inspired to do more and better work a.s.a.p!!! You are a very talented man. Congratulations on creating such a magnificent piece.
    Carol x

  3. p.s. would you mind if this was put on my inspiration board on pintrest?? I wouldn't do so without your permission.
    Thanks Carolx

    1. Thank you so much Of corse you can post it up, I e mailed you ..let me know if it got to you ....


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