Sunday, 28 April 2013

Altered Mask

Hi Everyone Hope today finds you all well, 
thought I would do an altered mask today and while working on it I found that mixing certain things gives weird effects so as to add texture, I found that if you mix a bit of texture paste with a squirt of PVA glue it goes very gummy and stringy if you use an old brush to mix it and then apply it you can stretch it.. (Practise this as its very sticky ) Also if you are using a hot glue gun save the drippy bits I used some of this over the right eye of the mask, painted it and then added some Inca gold cool effects.
I will use this to do some weird texture on book covers and altered bottles, cant wait to get stuck in with it ... Let me know what ya all think, Its my first mask so please be kind LOL ..
Huge hugs to all my followers xx 
catch ya soon ... Mark. 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Fun with mixed media

Hi there you beautiful people x
Well after getting the garden in shape and running around sorting jobs out i thought I would have a bit of time in the craft room doing a mixed media canvas for my Brother,
I was really happy with the result .. I really have to do more I LOVE IT ... 
Its a bit weird but then again my Bro loves weird, hope you like.
Let me  know what you think :o) x
Huge Crafty hug Mark X


Monday, 22 April 2013

Photo Book Instructions On youtube

Hi Guys :o)
Just a quick post, If you would like the instructions to my photo book I did a vid on youtube photo slide again I know I said I would do a talky but I chickened out again lol 
I promise to do a proper vid for my next one .... I cant help it I'm a shy guy ha ha ha 
Please let me know what you think :o) 
Have a great day, catch ya all soon ,,,, 
Mark xx

Friday, 19 April 2013

New Photo Book Part 2.

Hi Everyone, I know its late but as promised here is part 2 of the Photo Book.
You can make the sleeves yourself or buy CD paper sleeves check out ebay... and just make the inner photo sleeves in whatever style you like (large tags would be ideal ) 
I added to the inner sleeves photo mats and on the back of the sleeve holders I put some vintage lined paper so as to put a description of the day and to add a little about the Photo.
To finish the book I made a front and back cover and in the ring holders added some ribbon and some charms .. ( very cute for me ha ha ). The book measures 14cm X 14cm and the cover I made @ 14.2 cm X 14.2 cm.  All comments gratefully received.

Add Photo mats back and front
Colour the back of the sleeves with same as you do the front

Do all the sleeves at the same time (saves time)

I printed vintage line paper onto sticky backed photo paper

Stick lined paper to the back of the sleeves.

Make a front and back for the book 14.2cm X 14.2cm

Embelish with ribbon and charms.

Finished Book :o)

New Photo Book Project Part 1.

Hi there Blogging Buddies :o)
Well I have been busy today getting to grips with a new book project, all the dimensions I will post tomorrow and also a run through of how I made the book. 
I thought as I have not blogged a project lately I would post a few pics of where I am up to at the moment, as always Please comment, I welcome any honest critique  :o)
 I have enjoyed the prosess of stamping and colouring the papers and also trying a new technique for me, using alcohol inks in water and then dipping the paper in and then letting them air dry ... Then I ironed them flat .. Hope you like :o) 

Prepare the sleeves by colouring them

Stamp the sleeves with whatever design takes your fancy.

Water and alcohol ink dipped inner sleeves, air dry to preserve the colour.
 Then iron flat

Beautiful random colour design.

Matt the inner sleeves for Photos.
 Part 2 will follow very soon.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Thank you For My Birthday Wishes ..

I would just like to take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU for all my Birthday wishes sent by you Beautiful People .... Love n Huge Hugs to you all  XXX 
You make me smile ...
Catch ya all soon.
Mark X

Sunday, 14 April 2013

No Time :o(

Hi everyone.
Well has anyone ever run out of time in the day.... Well I did, there was so much I wanted to do today and this weekend, BUT Aj and myself was asked to go into work Saturday for an early shift ( 8.00am till 2.30pm) so when we finished and the bit of running about I was too tired to sit and start a project :o( . So it really has felt I have had NO Time to myself and to craft.
         Today was not a total waste as we went to a car booty and bought a few little bits to alter.
I was meant to do a vid today but sad to say you will have to wait till my 3 days off which is from Wednesday till Friday so please except my apologies for not getting it done today.

Also my picture arrived that I won on Fiona Jennings Ustream lesson a Month ago, so thanks to Royal Mail it was a bit late ..... But I love it, please check her out on youtube she is brilliant and has so many things done to keep you inspired and never short of an idea to get your creative juices flowing (Jennings 644) 

Well last of all LOL .... I have to go to work tomorrow and its my Birthday :o( 
50 Years tomorrow I was born into the world..... Hope to have a drink with Family on Wednesday when Im off work .. So maybe a bit of a catch up then ... LOL

Thank you Fi for the Picture I LOVE IT..

Here is our Car booty stuff..not a lot but good stuff.

So that's me for now .. Remember be inspired and keep Crafting.
Mark X

Thursday, 11 April 2013

102 views today :o) Wow !

Hi everybody :o) 
Just a quick THANK YOU to all who have popped by my blog today and a Hello to my new followers XXX It was nice to come home after a tough day at work and see that when I checked my blog so many people had popped by for a look which made me feel Happy and Hope you guys enjoy my blog xx 
More to come at the weekend and will also be posting a new vid on my youtube channel.
Take care.
Mark :o)

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Craft Club ..

Well my friendly bloggers, I may be in need of some advice .... Aj and myself are thinking of running a craft club details still being worked on. The thing is we have never done anything like it before and IF any of you guys have any advice or ways of starting a club up please would you let me know :o) and you never know if your in our neck of the woods you would be more than welcome to join us.
I look forward to any discussion on this subject..
Happy Crafting.
Mark X

Saturday, 6 April 2013

To all my followers :o)

Just to say a HUGE Thank you to all my followers, New and not so new lol... its a great pleasure to have you all aboard :o)  Please feel free to comment or ask any questions you may have about me or crafting and if I can help I will .... Or the other way round, you guys may be able to help me out if needed also.
As always it lifts me when I read all your kind comments, and Wow you are so kind to support my blog and now my youtube channel where I hope to share more of the methods I use to produce my crafts .. Hope you can drop by sometime, and if anything at all you feel inspired :o) 
Catch ya all soon.
Mark xx 

Friday, 5 April 2013

Faux Rust ...

Hi Everyone :o)
Today I finished a request form a crafty friend of mine, from somewhere in Europe.
She asked me if I could do a rust effect using things in the home, or in your craft stash...
Well with the usual paints and distress Inks and a little bit of imagination I did it..
Please let me know what you think .. If you would like to know how I did it and using a mystery ingredient check out my vid on youtube

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Doodles completed..

Well I had to do something Arty today so I had a couple of doodles finished and needed blogging lol .... Well here they are and would be please of any of your comments and maybe a critique or two .... Enjoy the pics xx

Added a bit more to finish the page.

This is a reflection of me lol.. Loud Mouth

New Craft bench/desk made ...

Hi you Craft Mad and interesting people 
Well I was supposed to have started a couple of projects started today BUT I have been putting off making a new craft station so I got it all done and its also been made so I can do vids as well ..... so you may be seeing even more of me Below is the pics of the new styled craft room ..
 Tomorrow is now my day set aside for crafting nothing else,
Catch you all later ..x


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

News on my shoulder.

Hi there you crafty bloggers :o)
A while ago I hurt my shoulder at work and been causing quite a lot of discomfort, I wrote a while ago about it ... well it was my result day at the hospital and sounds like I have to have an operation as the muscle has eroded and the bone has been rubbing on bone so they have to either put a shim in place of the muscle or sort of wire and hook it up .... so now have to go for a MRI scan to see which way they are going to do it .. Another waiting game.
Tomorrow is a day dedicated to my fave hobby CRAFTING as I find it sooooooo relaxing as I can lose myself in my own little world 
Huge Thanks to all that have posted on my blog and on my youtube vid .. Lets see what the next couple of days produce ..
Happy Crafting x

Monday, 1 April 2013

Check it out ... PT 2

Hey Crafters n Bloggers..
Wow at last I can tell you all about me being a guest designer over on SanDee & Amelie`s challenge blog  Its a Steam punk challenge with a twist, 2D or 3D projects welcome, The twist is a fairy tale with a steam punk feel, so I created The Mad Hatter takes Alice and The Mad Hare for a ride in a Steam Punk style balloon.
I hope my project will inspire you guys to have ago at your own project, would be great to see what you can come up with :o) 
Please let me know what you think to my creation, I would be glad of any opinions given.
Keep on Crafting and remember Have FUN .x