Monday, 23 March 2015

Wow ...

Wow ... I am so touched by all your kind comments for my work on the Sinister head for headphones and would like to say a BIG HUGE Thank you, All you guys Rock my crafting world XXXXXXX

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Another one sold :)

Hi Peeps ... Hope this finds everyone in fine spirits ... 
I completed another order for one of my headphone heads ... Meet Sinister.
I do know its not every ones cup of tea, but there seems to be people out there enjoying them and want them .... Hope to hear your thoughts.
Happy Crafting catch you all soon :) 


Thursday, 5 March 2015

A Sewing Box .. Birthday gift for my Sister

Hi there everybody Hope your all having a wonderful day. :o)
I thought I would share with you today a sewing box I made using an old gift box that was being thrown out..
Below each photo I have tried to describe what I did .... hope you like it.
As always I appreciate all your kind comments, also if any have a question about this project I will be happy to answer  :o)
Catch you all soon : 

 Here is the old box, and an added bonus it has
a magnetic front flap.

 Here I chose some Tim Holtz papers. I Love em 
and also some craft board to line the inside of
the box because I wanted to make an inner tray.

 With the lid I used texture paste with a stencil and
covered that with tissue paper for added effect.
finally glued some letters and some mini cotton

 Here you can see I cut the mini cotton reels in
half and glued them into place.

Here adding my chosen papers and sticking them
into place.

Now I actually cut 6 pieces of craft board 2 of which
were used for the outside of the box,... In the first pic
you will notice that the box has a recess on the sides.
The craft board is the right thickness when covered 
to fill this part.....phew! :o)

In this pic you can now see the side of the box and
the recess is now filled in this also helped to strengthen
the box making it more rigid.

 Here you can see the covered board added to the 
inside of the box.

 In between covering the box I found a small box lid
and decided to make a pin cushion for the sewing box.

Here is the finished box .. I painted the top with black
acrylic paint and then used bronze rub n buff to get the
colour I wanted ... Added a big button for the front flap. 

I think the colour works with the paper theme from
the Tim Holtz collection.

This picture shows the inner tray
I made and it sits nicely on the 
covered craft board inside.

 I added a center divider to finish
the inner box off.
Hope you like my effort.:o)