Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Thanks you guys X

Just to say thank you guys for your kind comments on my latest project ... Got a few more lamps to do and also some more heads to do for headphones .... 
I have not forgotten about doing a tutorial for the Meander books, but I have had to be in the right frame of mind to do this and now feel the time is right ... Sorry you have all had to wait for so long XXXXXXXX 
And a Thank you to anybody who happens to find my blog .. and if its helped anyone to get crafting Brilliant :o)  

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Vamped up an old Lamp ...

Hi Guys .... I know I know ... Its been an Age since I wrote or posted any projects on my blog ... I am sorry, getting motivated after a very bad few months... Anyhoo enough said.
 I decided to Re vamp an old lamp by re hashing the base and then using some old sillhouette Fairy folk stuck them to the inside of the lamp shade and Ta Daaaaa Re vamped lamp .... Must say Im very happy with it ... 
Who knows, could this be the start of more projects from me .... Lets hope.

Would love to know what any of you guys think :o) 
Happy Crafting to Ya`ll 


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Inspiration Please ...

Hi Guys .... Im a little stuck so need a bit of help, 
If there is anything you would like me to make or alter please message me and I will give my spin on anything you may come up with... I think this will motivate me and also by doing this I may be able to inspire others .... 
I seem to be a little stuck with coming up with a good idea to get my teeth into..
Hope you can help // Looking forward to seeing what ideas you can come up with ..

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Back in the saddle ....

Hi there Everyone of you ... Well after a very challenging time and NOT wanting to be crafting ... I think I am now ready for the New Year, with a new frame of mind.
Thank you for your patience and all the very kind messages I recieved.... Love to you all
I hope you all had the most wonderful Christmas.
OK here is what I created its along the steampunk theme and one I love to craft..
Hope you enjoy my Steampunk Clock .. Hope to be adding more very soon :) 


Monday, 23 September 2013

Quick Note

Its been quite a while since I was here blogging, but to say I have been struggling lately is an understatement .... One of my greatest inspirations to my art (My Brother also My best friend ) Died on the 3rd Sept, I and my family have been in a bit of termoil since. 
  Just getting to work and doing things on a daily basis is hard, I am sure some of you guys out there know what Im feeling :o)  I have had some wonderful kind words sent to me by friends I have met online Sylvia I thank you, Huge love to you ..... Shes a special Lady x
  Well Time moves on and it Really wont wait for NO man... So I have projects that need to be finished and a Tutorial I have promised to you guys ... So here is the plan I am going on holiday to US in 3 weeks time .. thats first, a break I really do need :o) 
Then when home, post the tutorial ( My spin on Meander books ) and I have 2 canvases to get done also a new sculpture mixed media head to do ..... So My Crafting buddies there is more to come MUCH more ........ Sorry I have been away for so long ... Love to all xx

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Book Im using for the tutorial X

Hi everyone .. Just a quick update about the tut I will be doing How I Finish A Meander Book.
This has been done for a good friend of mine Sylvia from Holland.
I have the photos done and now in order, just have to get the script done, also the bit of film to finish it and get it posted to youtube.
Hope you like the book, the tut should be with you all soon .. 
Happy Crafting.... Enjoy your creativity X 


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sorry Sorry Sorry !!

Hi There Gang ... 
I start with a big SORRY because I promised you all a tutorial on How I finish my meander books ... Well the photos are done and the film bit is in the possess, but with work and a few other commitments this last week has really left me with little time to even get into the craft room :( 
I hope you all understand .. I hate to say I am going to do something then not be able to deliver..
I can assure you it will be posted up soon on my youtube channel.
Also I hate to leave my blog with no news at all, I do have some cool ideas I will be sharing with you guys soon involving a full sized mannequin .. all will be reviled when I get hold of one ..
Also I have a neat idea with a polystyrene head ... :o) So I will be catching up with you all soon.
Be happy and keep on Crafting XX