Monday, 29 June 2015

Sculpted head ...Not Pretty .... For a Slipknot fan

Hi my Crafty friends..
Well here is another to add to the ever growing collection of heads....
This one was commissioned for a Slipknot fan, my version of the character anyway..
I really enjoyed the challenge of adding more detail in the face, such as the wrinkles and the details on its cheeks also the challenge of the teeth for the first time.

I do understand this IS  NOT to every ones taste but I`m learning all the time and setting myself up to doing something charming soon ... mmmmmmmmmm we will see ha ha ha
but until the orders for these beauties slow off it will have to wait..
There is however a project coming up for a altered canvas with an Elvis theme to it..
Hope you enjoy my art :) Thank you for all your support.
Until next time Crafters :)