Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Completed ...

Well as promised Oz is now finished ... already have very good interst in him and enquiries to buy ... what should I do ??? Would love to know your views ..



  1. Oh, Mark, you have taken Oz to a higher level, he is absolutely fab-u-lous. If he was mine, I wouldn't want to part with him xx

  2. Hi Mark, have left comments on your other posts and decided to write here last! OMG !!!! You have excelled with this project I can only guess at the time Oz has taken to create. He has developed since the last pictures. All the detils are divine and the little heart. The rivet wok and seaming his hat and hair I LOVE this. I am so pleased for you that you have made him and shared him!1 Thank you. But....now what to do. Keep or sell. Well if it's worth anything these are my thoughts. Could you possibly make others? maybe smaller? I would keep the original but seriously think of reproducing a very limited no. of others...this way they are collectable and then when you make all the other characters, which I know you will, you can keep in mind those customers theyWILL want the whole set, so when creating them ensure you could reproduce. If that is too daunting and time consuming then.......sell and keep a print in a frame so he's always there
    Carol x

  3. Jonna Scheffer1 March 2013 at 22:13

    He is gorgeous mark. Super cute.

  4. Mark.. This is just fab and l can see all the hard work you have put into a project like this. He is a completly different approach than all the others that have been done So the creativity is just mind blowing.
    To sell him what do you charge at least £15 per hour [and that's on the cheap side]. Maybe use him as a template and make adaptation's so that your time doesn't scare people off.
    Well done its a Masterpiece!

  5. Gosh, is this cute! I really fell in love with this cute fellow at first sight!

    He really is a guy with an attitude with his hat and the perfectly trimmed moustache! (Wonder, what he's up to with the axe...but why worry...*lol).

    To be honest: I would never sell him to anyone. ;)
    Only for some real good smart money! (seriously: with my objects for sell I always try to fix a price that makes my hours of work "worth something" AND include compensation for letting go one of my beloved "babies" - maybe this helps...


    die amelie x

  6. oh my! Love your tin woodsman, and he even looks "rusted" in place with the hatchet in his hand. Your single use of red for "if I only had a heart" looks wonderful. Kind of a before and after all in one sculpture! Wonderful artwork!


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