Sunday, 10 February 2013

Doodle completed .. A Moment In Time.

Well guys my doodle is finished and titled A Moment In Time Hope you like it :o) 
I really enjoyed doing this and found it totally relaxing,  just pick up a pen and doodle dont think too hard or long on what will be drawn, just join lines and go with it........
Hope to read your kind comments. Mark. 


  1. Superb!!! love how you have also managed to achive lighter and darker areas here through your choice of patterns. Adds yet another dimension
    Carol x

  2. Fantastic...very creative doodling; certainly looks a lot better than mine and a lot of others, I'm sure.

  3. Thank you very much Maree, never put yourself down, I always think we can all learn something from each other and be inspired by others work ... Enjoy what you do :o)


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