Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Book Im using for the tutorial X

Hi everyone .. Just a quick update about the tut I will be doing How I Finish A Meander Book.
This has been done for a good friend of mine Sylvia from Holland.
I have the photos done and now in order, just have to get the script done, also the bit of film to finish it and get it posted to youtube.
Hope you like the book, the tut should be with you all soon .. 
Happy Crafting.... Enjoy your creativity X 


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sorry Sorry Sorry !!

Hi There Gang ... 
I start with a big SORRY because I promised you all a tutorial on How I finish my meander books ... Well the photos are done and the film bit is in the possess, but with work and a few other commitments this last week has really left me with little time to even get into the craft room :( 
I hope you all understand .. I hate to say I am going to do something then not be able to deliver..
I can assure you it will be posted up soon on my youtube channel.
Also I hate to leave my blog with no news at all, I do have some cool ideas I will be sharing with you guys soon involving a full sized mannequin .. all will be reviled when I get hold of one ..
Also I have a neat idea with a polystyrene head ... :o) So I will be catching up with you all soon.
Be happy and keep on Crafting XX