Friday, 22 February 2013

Everybody This is Oz

Hi Crafters
Well as promised I will now show you the project I have been working on, His name is Oz and yes he`s my take on the Tin man from Wizard of Oz ... I still have a couple of things left to do to complete him .. like his Axe and some wire hair  and a tin hat,
Thats not the end of the story though, my partener Aj now wants me to create his 2 friends the Scarecrow and the lion also he wants the witch mmmmm so in between other things being done, I have an added Job creating Oz in my craft room ... So People please welcome Oz ( thats what he`s been named ) Please let me know what you think to him.


  1. Oz is absolutely ADORABLE! Very clever.

  2. Fantastic, Amazing, fabolous - unique gosh I am deeply impressed on your art!!!

  3. He is amazing or should that be amozing lol.
    Looking forward to seeing him with hair. Brilliant
    Lynne :)

  4. Hi Mark, Wow, Oz is gorgeous, he's like the Son of R2D2 and CP3O ha ha, I love all the metal plate joins and the rivets, it must have taken you ages to create Oz. Now AJ wants the Lion and the Scarecrow, get your thinking cap on Mark.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  5. I love him!!!! He is adorable!! I know you want to add extras too him but somehow he has such an innocent trusting feel about him. How the ..... how on earth did you create him! Too long and technical for me, so I will just admire the great work.
    OOOPPSS......Hello OZ so pleased to meet you and your friends are....where??? TEE HEE


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