Monday, 23 September 2013

Quick Note

Its been quite a while since I was here blogging, but to say I have been struggling lately is an understatement .... One of my greatest inspirations to my art (My Brother also My best friend ) Died on the 3rd Sept, I and my family have been in a bit of termoil since. 
  Just getting to work and doing things on a daily basis is hard, I am sure some of you guys out there know what Im feeling :o)  I have had some wonderful kind words sent to me by friends I have met online Sylvia I thank you, Huge love to you ..... Shes a special Lady x
  Well Time moves on and it Really wont wait for NO man... So I have projects that need to be finished and a Tutorial I have promised to you guys ... So here is the plan I am going on holiday to US in 3 weeks time .. thats first, a break I really do need :o) 
Then when home, post the tutorial ( My spin on Meander books ) and I have 2 canvases to get done also a new sculpture mixed media head to do ..... So My Crafting buddies there is more to come MUCH more ........ Sorry I have been away for so long ... Love to all xx