Friday, 31 May 2013

A project for me xxx For my headphones ...

Hi there crafting friends :
I had this manikin head for a while and thought I need somewhere for my headphones so I altered it to my taste ... Its a bit spooky steampunkish Robot like 
Well here's a bunch of pics for you guys to look at ... 
All comments welcome ..
Wishing you all a Fab weekend XX 
PS. I Promise the next project will be something lighter 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Check this Canvas out ....

Hi there everyone .. Please have a look at Sandra Crosfields blog, I was so thrilled she had ago at doing a canvas and WOW what a job she made of it ... so happy she was inspired to have ago .... Please if anyone else has ago I would love to see your work :o) 
Happy Crazy crafting XXXXXXX  Please follow the link :o) 

And The Winner Is ......

Hi Guys Sorry I did not announce the winner for the canvas last night, but had to rush out after work to a Birthday Party .... But Here is the announcement now ... 
I did a random choice selection as all the names for the canvas were so good .. Thank you all for taking part ..

THE WINNER IS ....... Patricia Howarth .. with  ANGELIS .. 
Well done Patricia I will be in touch for your details to post this out to you .... 
Catch you all later :o) 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Just to say Thank you ...

Hey there Crafting Buddies xxxx 
Just to say a Great BIG thank you for all the comments and interest in my canvases, your comments have really lifted my spirits :o)  Keep an eye out for the winner of the canvas I did in the tutorial with some added things to it to finish it .... It will be announced early evening around 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm Good Luck to you all .. XXXX 

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Links to my youtube tutorial

Hi guys sorry for not thinking about this before a link to my tutorial ... 
Hope you enjoy xx just press on the links ....
video 1

 Video 2

Video 3


Saturday, 25 May 2013

Vids for the altered canvas tutorial is uploaded

Well guys you asked for it ... lol I have uploaded 3 vids from start to finish how I do my canvases, I hope I don't bore you lol ... but I do hope you have ago at doing one and posting your results ... Remember who ever comes up with a great title for the canvas you could be the lucky winner of it .... Be Inventive and original .. I will announce the winner on Wednesday evening ...... Good Luck :o) I will post a completed picture tomorrow xxx
Have a great weekend you Crazzzzy Crafters 
Hugs Mark X 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Sorry Guys..

Just a quickie guys ..
I am so sorry about a comment I removed earlier, I hope no one was offended the person in question will be told about it ... Nuff said :o( 

Please anyone posing comments on my blog KEEP IT CLEAN .. No smut on here ..
Thank you

You Guys have twisted my arm .. :o)

Hi there you Crafty lot ... Well I have been asked a few times now for a tutorial on my canvases and the clock ... well I cant say no to you :o) So hopefully at the weekend I will do a tutorial on youtube how to do what I have been doing .. I cant say thank you enough for your encouragement and Kind comments ... Looking forward to the weekend.
Take care and have a great week XX
Who knows One of you lucky people could be receiving a cool gift .. I will pick someone who can come up with the Best TITLE for the canvas I create ...

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tic - Tock Alice on a clock ....

Hi there peeeps .. Hope today finds you all well and happy :o) 
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all you comments on my canvases, it truly does encourage me to keep on crafting and to try and come up with other things...
Well today i thought I would please myself and do a Alice Clock ... using the same format as I used for the canvases .. Just thought i would share and see what you guys think ..
Stay safe keep it Crazzzy .. Huge hugs n much love to you all xxxx 

Ps .. I also received today a gift from my Friend from the Netherlands her name is Djyoti a wonderful talented Lady.. I was so thrilled when it arrived today .. so thought I would share my gift with you guys xxxxxxxxxxx I am so lucky xxxx


Monday, 20 May 2013

Another Canvas done .. 3 more to go :o)

Hi there guys .... First off Thank you for your kind comments XXX 
Well as you can see I have finished yet another canvas, the orders keep coming in, so with work and getting these done I have not had much time for anything else ... lol
If any of you would like one please shout out .... very good value or more to the point if you would like to know how to do one of these canvases give me a nod ... it would be my pleasure to let you know how xxxx 
Hope this inspires you guys to have ago .. xxxx 


Friday, 17 May 2013

Canvas for my friend Hannah ...

Hi there everyone .. Sorry Ive not been blogging lately but been so busy ..
Well my friend Hannah checked out the photos for the first canvas I did of Marilyn and she wanted one .. So this post is to share what i created for her.. I will be back soon guys with some more of the projects I have to get started and finished ... Few .. I also have to get 3 altered masks done Wow cant believe how many people want my art 
Hope you all have a great weekend ....
catch you all soon Huge Hugs Mark xxxx 


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Working progress on canvas

Hi there you groovy crafters X 
Hope your having a great weekend, Well as promised I would post the canvas that is for my Sister in law ... there a couple of things left to do on it to complete it but its more or less done , there is a couple of Marilyn Monroe quotes to add in then its all done and I will post the completed work SOON .... Hope you like whats been done so far XX 
Huge Hugs to all you guys ... and for all your very kind comments THANK YOU XXX
The picture of Marilyn was found on the web .. No copyright was on it so I used it.


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Altered Canvas Projects

Hi Gang Hope everyone is having a good week.
OK just to let you all know what I'm working on at the moment ... I'm working on some large canvases one for my Sister in law Karen and one for my Brother then I hope to create one for myself ... these canvases are sort of themed and will mean something to the persons they are for :o) ... Mine will be a glimpse of my inner self NOT in a narcissistic way but rather a clue into the kind of art I really like and how I see things :o) ahhhh Deep or what ...
So Keep an eye out for the first one, which should be done for the end of the weekend.
Sorry there are no Photos to share at the moment but I'm giving no clues as to what the canvases are about till they are done .. 
Wishing everyone a great day tomorrow and a great weekend to come xx
Stay safe keep it crazzzzy and keep on crafting ..
Mark x

Monday, 6 May 2013

Freds New Home.

Hi Everyone,
Well finished Fred now and he has a new home, really had fun with this whole project from the making of Fred to setting him in his own little magical place .... 
It also doubled as a gift for my Mum who fell in love with him 
Hope you guys like also X 
Catch ya all soon :o)

The start of Freds Home.

The moss and glitter added for effect.

Looks like you could sit and Yarn for a while  :o)

Friday, 3 May 2013

Fairy Fred :o)

Hey everyone,
Well I know its late in the day but I had to share my latest creation, Ive nicked named him Fred ... Its the first time I have done a sculpture .. Fred is finished but I have made him an altered box to sit in which will be uploaded as soon as I have finished it .. I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking now ... hope you like him and as always I appreciate any comments or advise given ... Keep on Crafting and Enjoy :o)

Taking shape sculpting onto a wire frame.
Freds Head

Mmmmmm He looks a little like Gollum.

Think I got his left foot a little big LOL

A Little more refinement

Shapeing the Feet

finished and enjoying the garden ha ha..

It Dosen`t really show but he has glitter painted on his back and wings.

Ello Fred.