Monday, 11 February 2013

Pulled shoulder :o/

Hi People . 
Just a general moan maybe cos of how Im feeling, I injured my shoulder at work and its been painful for quite a while so thought it about time I got it sorted, its been like this since last September.... work related.
I went to the outpatients thismorning and was going well ... see the nurse, then wait, see the doctor, then wiat, sent to X-ray, wait back to the Dr then wait, asked to come in and he said hes having to WAIT for the X-rays to come back... so I said " OK shall I wait in the waiting room" ... he said " No an apointment will be given to you" 
So now I have to wait 3 weeks to find out what Ive done ... LOL can anyone see the theme here.. LOL LOL So guess I will just have to put up with it for a bit longer. 
Moan over, and thinking about it there is worse off people out there that really do need seeing to first....... Happy Monday to you all .. 


  1. Hi mark, have just popped by after Nelle told me of your doodling!!!! I love them. You have some fabuolous creations that are so inspiring and you pen work is superb. I love the one with the eye and how you manage to get so much depth into your work!!!! I am new to this and have just posted my first doodle, would love it if you could give anopinion and any pointers??!! You can find me if you wish at
    I am following you now to keep up to date with your work. Thanks for sharing it.
    Carol xx

  2. Sorry To hear that Mark! Totally can relate! Stay well and take care of your shoulder....for THREE more weeks! Uggg! :)



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