Thursday, 27 December 2012

Party Time

Well after three days at work over the Christmas period its now time for my Partener (AJ, The Male Card Maker ) and myself to let our hair down ha ha ... and have some drinks and nibbles with Family and friends .... We are also lucky to have New years eve and Day off so who knows what might happen ... Wishing all you guys a very happy an fantastic New Year ... Mark.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Gift

Maybe not what you think ... but whilst at work today I recieved a phone call from Sheila, the lady who owns the little shop Serendipity who took my little Meander books to sell for me .. Well she needs more as they seem to be selling, I was so thrilled to recieve this news a fantastic Christmas gift that I certainly wasnt expecting, also I have to do a load of tags as well ..... So busy times ahead ..... Work Work Busy Busy Bang Bang ... ha ha ha.
Just thought I would share... Happy Xmas to you all  :o)

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Happy Christmas...

Good Morning Crafters ...
I am taking this opportunity to wish everyone a fantastic Christmas and a great and prosperous New year, sadly I am working Christmas eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day.
Oh well at least I will have New Years eve to look forward to and put 2012 to rest and look forward to everything new for the new year.... Stay safe Merry  and Happy.
Huge Hugs.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Stationary Wallet #2

Hello Crafters .... I decided to make another Stationary Wallet and enter it into Tuesday Alchemy blog challenge.

  • Tim Holtz Distress Ink .... Wallnut
  • Tim Holtz Tape.
  • 12 x 12 Pattern Paper Stash.
  • Chipboard/Cardboard.
See earlier posts for Instructions for this project if you would like to have ago, If you need help with anything please e mail me or leave a message and I will get back to you ....
As always any comments welcome.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

My Try at card making

Hey Craft fans .... I thought I would post a pic of a Christmas card I made yesterday I enjoyed using Tim Holtz glasine paper, distress ink, glitter spray, and a beautiful image from the Graphic Fairy..... I loved the way it turned out. Please let me know what you think, I have thick skin ha ha ha.  So I look forward to an honest critique.
Happy Crafting.
Mark ..

Have a great day

Another day at work when I would rather be in the craft room.. had a great week getting all my projects up to date .. I do have another to add soon, Tags I love to do tags, so will be posting my efforts after the working weekend.. So have a great weekend Stay safe.
Happy Crafting... Mark x

Friday, 14 December 2012

A Long day crafting :o)

Few !! Now that was a good and productive day in the craft room, and to top it all we had Aj`s Nan over and our friend Floss ( Kerry ) Nana was busy doing crochet, Floss making cards and doing parchment craft, while AJ was busy doing a whole bunch of cards in different styles ready to enter into blog challenges. Meanwhile I was busy finishing a project I started a few weeks ago the Stationary Wallet, I`ve tried to include everything I did.  Also I`ve added some photos of the shop Serendipity where my Meander books are being sold.
The Antique wallet I took my design from


Finished Wallet Just need to fill it with the Stationary

AJ giving an evil look...LOL

Nans Crochet work

How doeshe find what he needs ...

Kerry`s Card

Nearly finished.
Well as I said here are a few Photos of the shop Serendipity, I love this place and the things that are stocked there .. 

My Books

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Hi Craft fans ..A while ago I posted a new project I was starting on the 15th of November for a vintage stationary wallet, well this week will see it finished, you can check my older posts to see what it used to look like.
I had to take the old one apart for a pattern, time permitting I should have it finished and  posting the pics of it toward the end of the week fingers crossed..

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Help ... :o)

Hey blogger "Friends." I was thinking after checking my blog last night and the anticipation of seeing if your lucky enough to get any comments.. or the very least  any views, I comment often on various blogs and send a message or two ..but I never seem to get anything back ?. have I or am I doing my blogging in the right way ? Do Any of you newer bloggers have trouble getting seen .. Well that's my moan but not meaning it to be a moan just a view point. I do spend the time to make my blog look and feel enjoyable for others to view as well ... Well I think I do ?? Please leave a comment and help me out.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Completed Meander Books Photos

Well as promised the photos of the completed Meander Books, I really hope the shop (Serendipity ) likes them, there is so much work that goes into them ... Still I think it was a worth while project as it has got me motivated into finishing a few projects that I have started and awaiting completion .. So as I always say watch this space.

 Please feel free to comment .. XX

Monday, 3 December 2012

Photos coming ...

Hi Crafters, well the meander books are very near completion AT LAST ! Phew, with work and trying to get this project finished has been a nightmare. Well I am sure I said there would be some photos of the completion of the books and by tomorrow i will have them up on my blog ... One of the biggest tasks has been ageing them as the lady who wants them for her shop needs them to have the vintage look. Also all the tags and cinema tickets have had to have the same treatment, I am sure all you crafters out there know exactly what I am on about. So until tomorrow have a good evening. :o)    

Thursday, 29 November 2012

10 Meander books done

Today I was determined to get the ten meander books most of the way finished
and I succeeded :o) the only thing left to do is ageing them with distress inks, here
are a few pictures to give an idea of what the finished books will look like.... I hope
that when I take them to the shop in town they sell .... Please feel free to comment.

Aj also had his Nan over for a days crafting, and a chance to catch up, I thought
I would also add a few photos of our new craft room, and until we get a chance
to paint the walls please, no comments on the loverly wall paper .. since we moved
in and with work we have still to decorate ... ha ha.. my excuse and I`m sticking to
It :o) 

All busy at work ..

AJ Checking his kits.

All neat n tidy

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Meander Books

Hello again ...
Well I have news ... last week I went to this fantastic little shop we have here in our town (Louth in Lincolnshire) called Serendipity and stocks vintage goodies, I will post a few pics if the owner gives me permission ... Well I went to the shop just for a look and ended up chatting with the owner and got around to me talking about crafts and making Meander/Memory books vintage style. She asked me to pop back with some samples and if she liked them she would make an order ..She would like 10 books for now to see how they sell .. What! yes 10 books,... stunned and amazed :o) Now I just got to get my finger pulled out and get a move on ha ha. This is where I`m up to at the moment :o) Will keep ya all know hows things pan out .... 
The ten books in the process of being made.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

New Project

Well the start of my new project has started to be an adventure, first off I have had to de-construct an old beaten up vintage stationary wallet and out of chip board, glue
and some tips I have picked up from the Gentelman Crafter ( Jim ) I have made a 
good start on a new one I will keep you all up to date as things go along.  
Here is where I am at the moment.   

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Roll on 3 days off

Hello Craft fans :o) 
Just a Quick note, a few more projects on to be added in the next day or two as I have my 3 days off and thank to a few new Crafting friends on their blogs my creative juices are flowing and my mind is full of good ideas for New prjects.. So see you on the other side.
Happy Tuesday..... Mark  

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Little Drummer Boy

Well here again :o) I decided to make a card for one of the many challenges out there,
this one caught my eye. Its to create a card inspired by a favorite Christmas carol,
chose The Little Drummer Boy with a vintage touch Hope it comes across that way.
I dont usually make cards BUT I enjoyed this one

Made a small rose out of old printed paper

Screwed up a topper and added some Distress Ink
I used Card stock, Sheet music, Kanban topper, Distress Ink, Ultra fine glitter, 
Cricut machine for drummer boy, and printed words. 
This is my entry for Crazy 4 ChallenCrazy 4 Challenges -" Your Favorite Christmas Carol"  

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Well what can I say.. seems since I have a few days off work Ive become lazy
not even been into the craft room, its raining and cold :o] oh well thats the typical English Autumn weather I should man up and embrace it .... yeah right.
I will however be posting before the week is out as I have joined a couple of
blogs doing craft challenges to keep my creative juices flowing so watch this 
space. Also i have another book project to be getting on with as well as some mini meander books to be done for christmas..
So craft friends Happy Crafting. M. 

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Been a busy day but fun ..

Well today was just one of those days busy busy busy.... but I can honestly say productive, for one I got to grips with getting the instructions and photos done for the Hat Stand, also today when AJ ( ) or myself are not at work we have his Nan and her friend over for a day of crafting, anything from cards to altered art ...
We have a good old natter and catch up .. mmmm now thats making me sound OLD .. ahh
We learn from each other and sometimes we set challenges to keep our interest. So thought I would share a few pics of our day :o)
Frugal Crafter..every grain of Glitter :o)

Concentrate AJ.

 Ah a welcome break .. we enjoyed a nice salad
and a good cup of tea ... What more could you
ask for .. There are no pics of me I was the
photographer for the day :o)
Aj enjoying his lunch and a good Natter with his Nan
Mmmmm my food and a good cuppa amidst the glorious mess

 The card I made Stamp by Gorgeous
 and colours using Spectrum Noir pens
 attempting a mono style with yellow
 highlights & red hearts on the boots.
 Then simply mat & layered and added a simple black ribbon to finish.