Wednesday, 3 April 2013

News on my shoulder.

Hi there you crafty bloggers :o)
A while ago I hurt my shoulder at work and been causing quite a lot of discomfort, I wrote a while ago about it ... well it was my result day at the hospital and sounds like I have to have an operation as the muscle has eroded and the bone has been rubbing on bone so they have to either put a shim in place of the muscle or sort of wire and hook it up .... so now have to go for a MRI scan to see which way they are going to do it .. Another waiting game.
Tomorrow is a day dedicated to my fave hobby CRAFTING as I find it sooooooo relaxing as I can lose myself in my own little world 
Huge Thanks to all that have posted on my blog and on my youtube vid .. Lets see what the next couple of days produce ..
Happy Crafting x


  1. Mark, Sorry to hear about your problem with the shoulder I know that it's not easy living with pain. Please keep us posted and let us know how things go forward. Your in our thoughts and prayers and if you need anything let us know, not kidding.....That's what friends are for.........Hugs...

  2. Thank you very much .. your words mean a lot xx
    Ive always said the crafting community is a very careing one .. and one I am proud to be part of :o) Blessings to you x

  3. Morning Mark, I am so sorry to read about your shoulder, I really hope they can 'fix' you speedily, it must be so frustrating playing the 'waiting game', you just want to get on with it !! I, personally, think this 'getting older' lark has a lot to answer for, it plays havoc with the body ha ha. I still think I can do what I did at 21, but the body tells me different ha ha, although I do tend to push it to 'it's limits' ha ha. I hope they aren't long giving you the MRI appointment, then hopefully they will be swift with the diagnosis and following operation. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  4. Thank you very much Patricia ...x
    Think I tend to agree with you, Age and getting older does have a lot to answer for
    I really am a big kid at heart you only have to ask Aj lol he has to put up with a lot xx
    Take care huge hugs.

  5. Hi Mark, What a wonderful world we live in, they can look inside our bodies, figure out the problem and fix it! I had shoulder sugery about 6 years ago and after the recovery I felt like it had never happened. All the pain was gone. I'm sorry you're uncomfortable right now but take courage! They can patch you up!! I send you my best wishes and a big hug. I hope they can take care of you ASAP so you can get on with the business of living.

  6. Mark, sorry to hear that..
    i hope nothing bad about your shoulder..
    get well soon and keep crafting..


  7. Mark, I am sad to hear about the operation, but get it fixed soon. Keep us updated on what they will do. Have fun crafting. Kris


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