Thursday, 4 April 2013

New Craft bench/desk made ...

Hi you Craft Mad and interesting people 
Well I was supposed to have started a couple of projects started today BUT I have been putting off making a new craft station so I got it all done and its also been made so I can do vids as well ..... so you may be seeing even more of me Below is the pics of the new styled craft room ..
 Tomorrow is now my day set aside for crafting nothing else,
Catch you all later ..x



  1. Wow......What a Great looking studio, I would be ashamed to show mine I can never keep things that neat and in order. Congrats on the room and enjoy the day crafting.....Hugs JIM

  2. That looks great.. Can't wait to see what you create. Have fun with your new craft table. Kris

  3. oh my God, my room always messy..
    i can keep clean but maybe for 20 minutes

    happy crafting! xxxDjyoti


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