Friday, 14 December 2012

A Long day crafting :o)

Few !! Now that was a good and productive day in the craft room, and to top it all we had Aj`s Nan over and our friend Floss ( Kerry ) Nana was busy doing crochet, Floss making cards and doing parchment craft, while AJ was busy doing a whole bunch of cards in different styles ready to enter into blog challenges. Meanwhile I was busy finishing a project I started a few weeks ago the Stationary Wallet, I`ve tried to include everything I did.  Also I`ve added some photos of the shop Serendipity where my Meander books are being sold.
The Antique wallet I took my design from


Finished Wallet Just need to fill it with the Stationary

AJ giving an evil look...LOL

Nans Crochet work

How doeshe find what he needs ...

Kerry`s Card

Nearly finished.
Well as I said here are a few Photos of the shop Serendipity, I love this place and the things that are stocked there .. 

My Books


  1. Your wallet project turned out GORGEOUS!

  2. Thank you Renee xxx Are you all ready for Christmas .. Hugs Mark ...

  3. Work harder and faster, then you can leave work, ya smeg head. Later dude.

  4. Wow That's gorgeous i love it. Without a template too . well done . Hugs trisha x


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