Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Meander Books

Hello again ...
Well I have news ... last week I went to this fantastic little shop we have here in our town (Louth in Lincolnshire) called Serendipity and stocks vintage goodies, I will post a few pics if the owner gives me permission ... Well I went to the shop just for a look and ended up chatting with the owner and got around to me talking about crafts and making Meander/Memory books vintage style. She asked me to pop back with some samples and if she liked them she would make an order ..She would like 10 books for now to see how they sell .. What! yes 10 books,... stunned and amazed :o) Now I just got to get my finger pulled out and get a move on ha ha. This is where I`m up to at the moment :o) Will keep ya all know hows things pan out .... 
The ten books in the process of being made.

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  1. I don't know about get your finger out...I think you will need to fly don't you...Love the books may finish mine one day.
    Hugs Kerry X.


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