Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My spin on a Death eater Mask.

Hi Guys, well I had some fun making a mask with the spin on a death eater mask from the Harry Potter films ... I`ve always liked them and always wanted to have a go at making one ... So here are the results .. Hope you like it ... Would appreciate any comments or you thoughts on the latest creation ... :) Happy Crafting x



  1. Beautifully done Mark. All that wonderful texture and those swirls are amazing. I'm so pleased you are creating again...such talent. Have a wonderful day. Karen.x

  2. Just a little to scary for me...but love all the work that goes into it. I want to create one with a steampunk style.
    Hugz, Z

  3. Fabulous mask Mark and could be decorated to suit any theme at all. I have just returned from Venice and these type of masks are everywhere all beautifully ornate and all very expensive ... needless to say I didn't buy one xx


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