Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Inspiration Please ...

Hi Guys .... Im a little stuck so need a bit of help, 
If there is anything you would like me to make or alter please message me and I will give my spin on anything you may come up with... I think this will motivate me and also by doing this I may be able to inspire others .... 
I seem to be a little stuck with coming up with a good idea to get my teeth into..
Hope you can help // Looking forward to seeing what ideas you can come up with ..


  1. Hello Mark. Ok I've been right through your blog for any clues and my own craft studio......this what I have come up with....a brick........a roll of packing tape or...... a glass jar. Hope I have been of help, of course I won't be offended if you choose something else. Good luck in finding some inspiration. I find looking at other peoples blogs or Pinterest helps sometimes. Karen.x wintonrosepapercreations.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you very much for the idea Karen ,,, xx By the way love ya blog .. :) your right need to view some blogs andvids I think just to get going again .xx

  2. Hello Mark,
    Love your work, and this time of year is very common to have down time re inspiration, and you should surf blogs and Pinterest, to re-energise, unfortunately my Blog will not help you. Suggestions though: Tin cans of different sizes, paints, fibres,and metal pieces!
    I am thinking of doing something myself along these lines so I would be inspired by what you would come up with.
    Good luck,

  3. hi, I love anything steampunk, and you can have the basic elements on your craft table and something beautiful will come out, Good Luck!

  4. Hmm I doubt my bog would help. I saw your garden and it is beautiful-the vibrant colours of those flowers are beautiful. You also did 2 portraits I saw-Rihanna and Audrey. You love lots of depth and gears and metals. Hmmm-What film star do you love? Nature is a powerful motivator-I like to walk in nature to clear the mind and that motivates me often. I wonder if you picked a silent film actress and used your great style to bring something of a bygone time alive...a picture of Anna May Wong, Louise Brroks, Florence Labadie (she died myseriously and the president might have been involved). Anyway just thoughts:)

  5. I like Sue Butlers ides of tin cans perhaps a group of them for tool storage (paint brush, pallet knives etc) I'm sure you could Steampunk them to look fabulous
    Message from Julie, New Zealand

  6. Hi Mark, I have been away from crafts for a while. I found inspiration in the latest Craft Stamper. I have just finished an altered tin. Think you might like the overall idea.

  7. Thank you Nelle ... I have done just what you said and I have ideas to run with now .. :) Happy days X


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