Sunday, 26 May 2013

Links to my youtube tutorial

Hi guys sorry for not thinking about this before a link to my tutorial ... 
Hope you enjoy xx just press on the links ....
video 1

 Video 2

Video 3



  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you for doing this video tutorial, you have inspired me to give my canvas a go no. Fab techniques too and really you have shown how "less is more" with how you did the background. Inspiring!!
    Now for a name.......... Victorian Grunge with a twist xxxx

  2. Thank you Sandra xx I hope you will post the results of your canvas when you get one done ..xx looking forward to it :o)

  3. Hi Mark, Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial... I love the colors, the technique and the wonders when different materials seems to blend in a wonderfull piece of art... When I heard the music in the background, the first song... I came up with a name..."In the arms of the Steampunk Angel".... Thank you so much for letting me see what wonders can be made... big hugs and xxx

  4. Morning Mark, I started watching these brilliant vids, listening to the music, I thought I have this CD so went to find it. I always put this on when decorating ha ha, it is very soothing, AJ you have great taste in music.
    I think your canvas should be named 'Angelis'.
    Mark, I am in absolute 'AWE' at these vids, I wish I could have seen you dripping the hot glue, I think it made a brilliant effect, and the mix that changed into 'soft chewy' was awesome, like spiderwebs. The blue acrylic was stunning, then the 'piece de resistance' was the amazing gold wax. I also loved the flower spritzed with cosmic shimmer, fabulous colour there. Your focal image actually reduced me to tears it was so beautiful. Oh, Mark, I loooooooove this canvas. It is the first vid that I have watched on doing canvas projects, but it was so inspirational that I think I may give it a go, I can just see the 'mess' that I will be getting into ha ha. I must just say, Mark, I love your tattoo, I adore tattoos and would love a large tribal one myself, on my back, but I think at my age peeps would think I was 'crackers' ha ha.
    I had better conclude, as this post may resemble 'War and Peace' ha ha. Your vids are ab-fab, I loved every bit, even the end of Vid 2 when your phone rang ha ha, I bet you thought 'typical !!'.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  5. Hi, you did a great job. Zhanks so much for this one. Suzanne


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