Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Just a way to escape with a cool Doodle

Hi Crafters ... Its been a while since my last blog but have been very busy with work and also getting my head around being a witness and being put on the stand in court ..... Hated it and stressed me out BIG time .. but am back now and will be back to my usual blogging and crafting HOORAY ....
Cant wait to get going on various projects .. Also have more meander books to complete for the Store Serendipity .. Brilliant ...... Also I was anoid at the fact last Thursday we had our usual craft day with Ajs Nan and KC they made some beautiful cards that I was going to blog but my Camera and PC decided to play up and wipe all the pics I was going to share with you guys ..Oh well.

Ok back to what I have been doing to chill out a bit ..... I was trying a bit of Zentangle but seem to turn out as an extended doodle but found it very relaxing ... heres the result Please let me know what you think and if any of you guys out there have enjoyed doing this kind of Art ..... :o) 
Love n Huge Hugs to all you Craft Fans ..xx 


  1. Hi Mark love your zentangle project. I have had a starter kit for sometime and never seem to finish a project .
    Andy x

  2. Love the Zentangle Mark looks really snazzy ... and it is very relaxing to do as you can get lost in the moment. Thanks for joining my blog and entering for the give away ... Good Luck xx


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