Friday, 25 January 2013

Finished Doodle

Well Its finished and I must say Im happy with the result....
I know I need plenty of practice and how to make it flow better... I got so emersed doodleing time just ran away.. I am now looking forward to doing another..
Thank you so much for the comments I have reieved I was thrilled to hear from fellow tanglers .. Please let me know what you think to the finished doodle :o)
please be honest and I look forward to an honest critique..



  1. WOW!!!!! thats one seriously impressive doodle Mark. Way to go.... x C

  2. OMG! Mark!! This zentangle is absolutely stunning. Really gorgeous!!

  3. Hello Mark,
    Thank you for your nice comment, It is so rewarding when people enjoy what you create. I have fallen for your doodling.How creative you are. You will be going into my craft journal. Tomorrow's WOYWW will reveal more. I hope you do not mind but i will be adding a link to your post. Maybe you should give it a try too. We have a fab time and get so many ideas from each other. I have only been doing it for a few weeks, but have made new craft minded friends.
    I am flattered that you have been inspired by my blog, Thank you so much..
    Kindest regards,
    (will be looking at AJ's blog too)

  4. Hello Mark, Didn't make it to WOYWW last week, my friend came to stay for a few days..Hope to do the link this week..
    Nelle xx

  5. Hi again, above is the Nelle who steered me to your blog! This is a serious piece of zentangle i love all of it but in particular how you have made the three"cone" type areas beneath the seem to pop. How large is this? It must have taken you for ever. So many different sections......I have a lot to learn!!
    Carol x


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