Friday, 2 October 2015

Clicker ( From the game The Last Of Us )

Hi Guys ..
I know this has been such a long time since I have blogged...
I have been working on yet another head ... well people seem to like them and commission
me to make them ... this one was a challenge and had to trawl the web for some ideas, builders foam is brilliant and an answer to my crafting prayers 
Well here he is finished ... A Clicker from a Plat station game.
I was asked to make it .. and as usual I said I would do one but with my spin on it and using pictures from the web as reference.. 
Hope you like ...mmmmmmmmmmmm Hoo Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa ...
Well Good enough for Halloween I think.



  1. Boy this guy needs a coffee! :) This is excellent actually-very morbid but the detail is stunning. I was really looking at all the pictures. How many hours did this take you? Do you watch Face-Off? Just wondering

  2. Whoa! He's awesome in his gruesomeness! I'm fascinated with all the details and the work you've put into this one.

  3. Very frightening but brilliant.x


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