Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sneak Peek ... THE JOKER

Hi Guys thought I would share with you a sneak peek of the latest Headphone head.
Its the first time I have sculpted hair a nose and chin ...lol 
I would love to know what you guys think, as usual I value any constructive criticisms you may have .... 
Happy Crafting one n all ... :) 

Yeah thats me in the background ... lol



  1. Hi Mark, I am just back from a very long Blogger break and what I am finding here is so adorable - I totally love your Art - still a big fan ! xoxo SanDee1899

  2. This is great-The hair is excellent and he does look like the joker with the over the top nose and chin-really well crafted

  3. Wow! AMAZING! Great effort for first time making the nose and chin. Looks like your really enjoying making the H/H's. Karen.x

  4. Mark this is fabulous as I have already told you, can't wait to see the finished piece!!! I was just checking in here to see the progress!! Take care my friend.


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