Friday, 12 December 2014

Lamps Going like crazzzzzy

Hi Guys .. xXx 
Been so long and for that Im sorry ... but getting my head back together has taken longer than I thought .... :o/  But I have been keeping busy and selling lamps that have different themes and am pleased to say orders have been going crazy .... So long story short  I`M
BACK .... So ltes see ehat the New Year Brings .... and to keep up with my Blogging ..
Happy Christmas you loverly Lot Of Crafters xXx .. 

A few samples ..



  1. Hi Mark, all your cute elves lamps look fantastic !!! I can imagine how gladly the people they buy. :)
    Many greetings from Germany, Carmen

  2. These are just fantastic and I love fairies-it is like a dream land. I love what you did to the bases as well. There is a Celtic feeling to it also. I hope you are feeling better and selling the lamps must make you feel quite good. Merry Christmas!


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