Friday, 14 June 2013

Masks for customer ..

Hi Gang .... :o) Sooooooo sorry I have not posted lately but with one thing or another I just didn't seem to have time ... poor excuse I know, anyhow thought I would share my latest project with you all ... I have been asked to make 2 more masks as the guy who bought the first one wanted a set .... 
Before anybody says anything I know I said the next project would be of a lighter project and not so mmmmmmmmm Dark 
Hope you like the additions and as always would love to know what you guys think ..
Also taking this opportunity to wish you all a great weekend CHILL AX time XXX 


  1. Whoa Mark, your Masks looks great. What a breathtakingly beautiful Work you have done again.
    I think the Masks could you sell for much Money, so they look great.

    Many greetings, Carmen

  2. These are all fabulous Mark and what a lot of work ... They would look good on one of my walls xx

  3. WOW these are amazing! Really love how you have got such fantastic detail on each of them.

    Linda xxx

  4. Hi Mark this is stunning work,I love it, what did you use to make the masks??

    1. Hi there Ita, thank you for your comment very kind xx I use cheap plastic masks for the base then put my work on it ...
      Hope this helps ... :o)

  5. Hi Mark, Stupendous !! I would love to see a video of you making one of these masks, they are absolutely stunning, they don't seem to be 'quite' as 'dark' as Hannibal ha ha. Fantastic creations. I know what you mean, 'tempus fugit' is definitely true for me too, it's scary !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  6. Hallo Mark,
    deine Masken sind sehr künstlerisch gestaltet. Sie sehen aus, als ob sie, wenn man sie kaufen wollte, sehr viel Geld kosten.
    Liebe Grüße, Anja

  7. Oh I do love the masks.

    Moira xx


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